Just me

And the stuff I like...


Database Skills

Oracle - MySQL - MongoDB - MSSQL - PostgreSQL

Cloud Skills

Linux Skills

Redhat/CentOS - Ubuntu - AWS Linux

Programming Skills

PHP - Javascript - Bash Scripting

DevOps Skills

Ansible - Jenkins - Git

Problem Solving

I love learning new technologies and applying them to complex problems.

About Me

Rich Janson - Director of Service Delivery at Six Nines IT

Solutions Architect/Developer/Cloud Fanatic

Senior Cloud Architect with experience leading and delivering on over 100 customer engagements on the Amazon Web Services platform. Problem solver who excels at finding solutions for difficult issues and thrives on accepting and overcoming new challenges. Experience ranging from small-scale cloud based development shops through large-scale process-oriented enterprise environments. Well-equipped to deal with a broad range of customer needs. Plays well with others.


"He's so smart and such a nice boy." --Mom

"Almost good enough for Google!" --Google Hiring Commitee

"I sometimes click 'Like' on the stuff he posts to Facebook..." --Several People

"Fast payment, great buyer. Thanks!" --Guy I bought socks from on eBay


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